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I.      To be leaders in Animal Health Management and Education; providing a complete Veterinary Service
         to area livestock producers based on the principles of:
                     1. Producer Uniqueness
                     2. Professional Conduct/Care
                     3. Profit Oriented Recommendations
                     4. Positive Environment

II.      The following are a list of objectives that lead us in accomplishing and maintaining our goal. 
          1. Investigate and implement advances in: Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Technology,
              Animal Science,
              Nutrition, Resource Management, and other areas of research.
          2. Open and constructive staff and client communications.
          3. Provide a stable - consistent organization that maintains producer confidence.
          4. Provide professional, prompt and efficient services on the farm, ranch, or at the clinic
              following BQA and VCPR  guidelines.
          5. Perform clean, aseptic field and clinic surgeries giving the best chances for full recoveries.
          6. Provide a neat and clean work area at the clinic to reduce the possibilities of
              contamination to other animals and the producer's home site.
          7. Supply products customized to producers needs to enhance their herd health programs
              decreasing animal disease and suffering while increasing efficiency and profitability.
          8. Provide and encourage humane management and care of animals.
          9. Educate clients and practice responsible drug and chemical handling practices to prevent
              drug or chemical residues in animals  entering the food chain.
         10. Maintain detailed animal/herd/client records to maximize our understanding of a
              producer's operation as well as to aid in investigations, evaluations, and

I. General Surgery & Medicine
     Bovine (cattle) 95%
          -Cow/Calf/Stocker (50 - 5,000 hd)
          -Feedlot/Packer (100 - 100,000 hd)
      Equine (horses) 3%
      Ovine (sheep) 1%
      Small Animal 1%
II. Surgery & Medicine Emphasis Areas
       Pathology & Diagnostic 
           -Lab Testing & Evaluation
           -Residue Testing
           -Autogenous Vaccines
      Reproduction Emphasis
           -Bull Fertility Testing
           -Bull Injury Repair
           -Ultrasound - Pregnancy Diagnosis &
            Fetal Sexing
           -Herd & Production Sale, B.S.E.’s
           -Heifer Spaying
           -Replacement Heifer Development
           -Embryo Transfer & Freezing
           -Artificial Insemination
           -Stallion Collection
      Beef Production Emphasis
           -Marketing Alliance Managers
           -BQA Trainers
           -Packer Quality Control
           -MARC Certification
           -S.P.A. Trained
           -Nutritional Evaluation
           -Freeze Branding
      Neonatal Intensive Care
      Orthopedics (Large & Small)
      Small Animal
           -Boarding/Pet Sitting
III. Performance Plus Consultation
      Herd Health
      Chuteside Data Collection
      Packer Data Collection
      Computer Records Setup
           -Cow Sense
      Data Analysis
          -Cow Efficiency
          -Sire Analysis
          -Pelvic Measure
          -Carcass Evaluation
          -Profit/Loss Evaluation
      Nutrition Plus
      Marketing Alliances
           -Sale Barn Alliance
           -Retained Ownership

IV. Equipment Rentals
       Hydraulic Chutes
       Manual Chutes
       Portable Tub & Alley
       Digital Scales
       Ballistivet System
V. Dealers For:
       Vita Ferm
       Ballistic Technologies
       Powder River
      All Major Pharmaceutical Suppliers
VI. Private Research Unit
      Calf Procurement Agents
      Product Development & Field Research 
           -Ballistic Technologies
           -Fort Dodge
           -Pharmacia Upjohn
           -Schering Plough
VII. Performance Cattle Scanning
        Digital Sorting Technology
        Mobile & Permanent Units
        Feedlot & Sale Barn Contracts,
        Performance Consultants