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CNVS Feeds

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CNVS Feeds

CNVS Feeds provides a full line of feeds from the Hubbard family of products to it's customers. High quality and trusted product names include Hubbard, Ridley, Crystalyx, Show-Rite, Opticare, Tradition, Stockmaster, Easylix and others. Click on the sites below for more detailed descriptions. We also are proud to provide Dr. Cain's Cow Chow®. A cost efficient, highly palatable pelleted complete feed that can be used for livestock in many situations.

We offer seasonal special Booking Discounts as well as quantity discounts and cash discounts. Or, if financing is an issue, let us sign you up on the 0% interest plan on our feeder financing program called "Big Easy"! Call for more details.

Central Hospital/Office
Southwest of Broken Bow
43675 Ryno Road  
Phone: 308/872-6864
Fax: 308/872-2073
Toll Free: 888/COW-VETS (269-8387)