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Ballistivet System


Using Ceftiofur Sodium 100mg biobullets for treatment: 

- Ceftiofur Sodium is an effective antibiotic for the following disease  conditions: 
        Respiratory disease (pneumonia)

The five advantages of treating ballistically are:
1.  Treatment can be given earlier
2.  Less or no stress on the animal
3.  Less or no stress on person treating the animal
4.  Significant reduction in time taken to treat animal
5.  Greater worker safety and less potential for injury liability
- For best treatment response, early treatment is a must and without the need for handling the animal, this is now easy to do.

Colorado State University Meat Science research recognize it as being BQA acceptable.

- PRESCRIPTION USE ONLY:  Dispensing of this product is for prescription use only and there must exist a valid veterinary - client - patient relationship.