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Consultation: Cow-Calf/Yearling/Feedlot

Performance Plus® is CNVS's federally recognized animal health, data collection, problem solving and unique consulting system. Dr. Cain, a 5th generation cattleman is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants since 1984, a charter BQA trainer, a published researcher and well known facility design and production management consultant. With a post doctorate degree in Veterinary Pathology and because of his training, he requires accurate diagnostics as an essential part of his services. 

CNVS consultation has served some of the most influential cattle producers and Ag businesses in the region. We influence over a half million of cattle annually. Being cattle owners ourselves, we understand production from the foundation up. Charges for this service can be by the head, the hour, the problem or via monthly retainer. Discounts are also given to users of our custom products. Describe your needs to us under the "Ask the Vet" section and we will be glad to give you a quote. All services are satisfaction